The Prelude

The Prelude

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Serie: NA
Editoras: Penguin Books
Géneros: Poesía
Páginas: 576 pages
Tags: Poesía inglesa
Language: Inglés
Dueño: Donado por Andrés Cardinale
Notas extras: NA

Fragmento de contraportada: 

"Wordsworth's great autobiographical poem, subtitled Grown of a Poet's Mind, was completed in 1805-6. During the rest of his life his interestin the work persisted, and the poem was several times revised, to be published soon after his death. Originally intented as the first part of a massive three-part poem, The Prelude contains some of the greatest poetry Wordsworth wrote on those events and feelings of his youth which lie behind so much of his most powerful work."


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